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Favorable conditions for buying a villa in Thessaloniki

Surely you have seen photographs of this wonderful city standing on the shores of a picturesque bay. Many people only dream of relaxing here, but you have the opportunity to look for villas in Thessaloniki and make a profitable purchase.

Not so long ago, there was a crisis in Greece, so property prices have not yet returned to normal. It is best to hurry up and take advantage of this opportunity, you get not only real estate, but also an investment for the future. Now you can buy a villa at affordable prices. Of course, everything will depend on the general condition of housing, location.

Especially for you, many options were selected with a variety of price tags, backed up by photographs. For example, elite housing will cost about 3-4 thousand euros per sq.m. But by the standards of a European country, it is extremely cheap. Also, be sure to look at additional conditions that you may need during your stay. The price is formed mainly depending on the area, condition of the villa and its location. The most expensive are houses by the sea.

Buy a villa in Thessaloniki. The best prices

Many people immediately dismiss the possibility of buying real estate, as they believe that it is too expensive. But this is not entirely true, if you analyze the most different housing in Thessaloniki, you will see that there are very different offers. At the same time, the site of our company has specially selected objects that are one of the best in terms of price and quality. With our help, you will be able to real estate in Thessaloniki, which later can be resold even more expensive. And living in it will be a pleasure. In a city with such a unique architecture and ancient history, it cannot be otherwise.

Additional services

Our company is ready to provide you with a comprehensive service. Want to preview a few properties? Then the company will arrange a tour for you. Having decided, you can buy real estate even with a mortgage, we will help you do everything right. Also, upon request, they provide the services of an interpreter and a lawyer who knows local legislation.

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