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Potidea Villa

Nikiti Complex

Plots for villas

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№ 5920
4886 м2 120 м
380 000 €
№ 909
9700 м2 30 м
1 000 000 €
1 200 000€
№ 5750
8163 м2 10 м
1 000 000 €
№ 5545
4800 м2 200 м
190 000 €
№ 5721
4760 м2 300 м
260 000 €
№ 5471
7000 м2 10 м
1 000 000 €

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Plots for hotels

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№ 6797
28000 м2 2000 м
200 000 €
№ 6427
99000 м2 10 м
3 000 000 €
№ 6077
12000 м2 10 м
900 000 €
№ 5751
18000 м2 200 м
1 500 000 €
№ 5652
№ 5517
13800 м2 30 м
1 200 000 €


Frequently asked questions about construction in Greece. Want to learn more, please use the form below. Or text to our online chat and get the answer right away.

Plots in Greece are measured in stremmas. 1 stremma is equivalent to 10 acres, 1000 sq.m or 0.1 ha.

Yes, you can. You can build several houses and sell them with adjacent plots. 4.000 sq.m. are required to obtain a building permit. Further, you can sell houses with adjacent plots, divided at your discretion.

This is a mutually beneficial business arrangement, popular in Greece, in which the owner of the land plot provides his land plot for development by a construction company, which, in turn, undertakes to build at its own expense, and upon completion of the construction, the owner of the land plot receives ownership of part of the buildings. As a rule, this part is calculated by agreement of the parties based on the plot price and is expressed as a percentage.

The cost of electrical installation is paid by the owner, but is carried out only by public power corporation ΔΕΗ, which also determines the cost of work depending on the required number of poles and transformers, as well as work complexity. The approximate cost can reach up to 30 euros per meter.

The cost of laying water pipeline to the plot is approximately 5 to 10 euros per 1 sq.m.

Obtaining a drilling permit is the issue of immense complexity as there shall be no water pipeline or other well within a radius of several kilometers. In actual practice, many wells are drilled illegally, without a permit or with a geothermal permit. Such an illegal well can be further legalized by declaring it in the relevant organization. The cost of drilling and well equipment is approximately 100 euros per meter.

We highly do not recommend buying a plot without engineering and construction expertise. Standard procedure is: our engineer first reviews all documents to determine all building codes applicable to a given land, then makes a site visit with a topographer to set the plot boundaries and construction footprint. Engineer analyzes soil, terrain and other construction-related details. This expert assessment costs 200 euros, but it can save you tens of thousands.

You can, however, you need to understand that a building permit is issued for a specific architectural design, and in any case, you will need to modify it to suit your needs. Almost all plots in Greece are sold without a building permit, unless the owner planned to build on the plot himself, received construction permit and then changed his mind and decided to sell the plot. A construction permit can be issued for 4 years and can be extended for another 4.

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