Visa for Digital Nomads in Greece

Residence permit for digital nomads

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Up to two years
to third-country nationals
Remote workers
self-employed and hired employees

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At the start of 2022, Greece launched diginal nomad residence program. The official name is Work from Greece. The main advantage of this program is its simplicity and ease of access to anyone who earns more than 3.500 euros per month and is not tied to a particular workplace.

The opportunity to legally reside in Europe is now available to everyone, including holders of Russian and Belarusian passports. Although majority of residency programs for Russians and Belarusians were frozen in February 2022, digital nomads residence permit in Greece is available to everyone without restrictions on citizenship.

Like others, this residence permit entitles to permanently reside in Greece and move without a hindrance throughout the Schengen area.


  • Minimum age of 18
  • Verified income source
  • Property rental agreement for 2 years
Both applicant and his/her spouse as well as children under 18 are granted with the right to apply for residence permit. In such case the required income is increased by 20% for a spouse and 15 % per each child respectively.
This residence permit is issued for 2 years with the right to renew. The holder is entitled to buy a car in Greece.
The documents are submitted electronically, whereof a temporary residency certificate is generated immediately to acknowledge applicant's right to reside in Greece awaiting for the plastic residence permit to be issued.
The document package requires an employment contract, reflecting the right to work remotely and a salary of at least 3,500 euros (in any currency) and a bank statement certifying the the receipt of said amount for the last 3-4 months.
Allows its holder to freely travel around Europe without a visa and enter countries restricted for tourists. The holder can have a mobile, dynamic lifestyle
Opportunity of free education for children in schools and universities

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Stages of obtaining a residence permit in Greece

Free consultation

Duration - 1 hour
Contact us via +30 6980446749 (Viber, Whatsapp, Telegram) to find out if you are eligible for this residency permit.

Preliminary paperwork

Duration - appr. 2 weeks
After signing the contract with us, you need to provide the following documents: contract, bank statement, birth and marriage certificates. After a thorough check of the documents by our lawyer, we translate them into Greek and have them legally certified.

Visit to Greece

Duration - 3-4 days
You come to Greece and we proceed with the rest of the documents, including power of attorney, Taxpayer's Identification Number (AFM), insurance, rental agreement, photos, payment of state duty, etc. 3-4 days are required for this purpose.

Electronic submission

Duration - Online
Our lawyer submits the documents to the platform and issues you a confirmation of the submission, which in essence is a temporary residence certificate. This document allows you to legally reside in Greece even if your visa has expired and track the status of your application online.

Fingerprinting procedure

Duration - optional
Once your documents have been verified, you will be invited for fingerprinting to the Ministry in Athens.

Obtaining residence permit

Duration - optional
On completion of the said, you will receive a residence permit for 2 years, which will allow you to enjoy life in Greece and freely travel around the Schengen countries.

Execution costs

  • Our services: 2.000€ for main applicant +300€ per each co-applicant;
  • State duty: 1.000€ per main applicant and 250€ for spouse (single-time payment for 2 years);
  • State duty for each family member: 16€;
  • Insurance in Greece: 150€ annually per person;
  • Translation of the whole documents package into Greek: ≈500€;

Residence permit renewal

The residence permit can be renewed for the same period and as many times as the applicant requests providing the applicant still meets the requirements of this type of residence permit.

Download residence permit guide
Download residence permit guide

Download residence permit guide

Get our detailed guide on how to obtain residence permit. The guide includes:

  • all permit stages in much detail
  • list of documents required
  • other special aspects of the process

Benefits of Greece Invest

Experience in obtaining residence permit
We have been dealing with this type of residency since its release by the Ministry
Overall experience of 20 years
Our specialists have sufficient working experience and can assist you in any issue
All range of services
Execution of Taxpayer's Identification Number (AFM), rental agreement and othe supporting documents.

Vadim Dolmenidis, CEO:

Founded in 2002 we have been dealing, in addition to real estate, with execution of residence permits for property owners and financially independent persons. So we know all the intricacies of the procedure.

As soon as the long-awaited Digital nomads program appeared in Greece in 2022, we have been dealing with obtaining DN permits. We have been successfully submitting documents on behalf of all clients who contacted us and had no denials. Contact us for a consultation and we will provide you with the detailed clarifications on the contract structure and essense, review the entire package of your documents, schedule AFM appointment, arrange property rental issue and much more.

Vadim Dolmenidis, CEO


No, this type of permit does not require any deposits, only proof of income.

Law does not specify any details but we recommend to reflect for the last 3 months. However, we have received permits with salary payment reflected for the last month only.

In this case, we provide the ministry with certificate of the official exchange rate on the day of submission of documents. Your income will be calculated in euro equivalent on the application submission date.

It will not be, only fixed amount of income well defined in the contract can be considered.

Try to sign one more service contract with any other company, wait for the first payment under contract to be finalized and you can apply.

No, this category of permit has no condition of such.

There is no requirement for you to become a tax resident in Greece, therefore, you can remain tax resident of the same country as before. At your discretion you can become a tax resident of Greece, whereof you have to notify Greek tax authorities.

Yes, you can, providing your income is proved by contracts with fixed monthly payments with one or several contractors. Contracts shall be executed for an open or fixed term, but at least for the whole permit term that is 2 years.

Yes, it is a prerequisite. Moreover, such contract shall be executed for the whole permit term as minimum. If you cannot make your decision, our manager can assist you in signing the tenancy agreement for permit application.

According to the law, the holder of this category of permit shall reside in Greece for at least 6 months a year. If this condition is verified upon permit extension is yet unknown as this category has been issued from 2022 only.

Document of TIN opening is not required for the permit issue, however, it is required for signing a long-term tenancy agreement. For this reason we open a special TIN for a foreign national that entails no obligations. In case you do not have any income in Greece, you are not required to submit tax declaration in Greece.

Schengen area does not have internal borders, therefore, you can reside in any Schengen country as it cannot be controlled. If you plant to extend your permit in 2 years you should better enter Greece and afterwards relocate to another Schengen country – in this case you will be considered to have been residing in Greece for this period.

You can, permit holder can buy a car, but only in Greece. As an alternative you can rent a car or or arrange a lease for a period of 1 month or more. See the website for car rental options in Thessaloniki Aktis Car

Yes, you can open an account even without residence permit.

Yes, secondary and higher education in Greece is free, language of teaching is Greek. There are private schools where teaching is in English or German.

Children under 6 are not liable for fingerprinting, however, when they are 6 they will have to undergo this procedure.

This category of residence permit does not have access to the labor market both for the main applicant and his family members.
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