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The buyer's costs for the purchase of real estate object approximately amount to 10% of the real value of the property and depend on the amount of money specified in the contract. Usually, the agreement indicates a lower value so that the buyer could save some money on taxes. Nonetheless, the cost of the property cannot be lower than its cadastral value. The cadastral value is calculated by a notary individually for each real estate object. Usually, it is 1.5-2 times lower than the market value.

Property sale tax

Starting from 1 January 2014, the property sale tax equals 3%. When purchasing a new real estate object from a legal entity, the building permit for which was obtained after 2006, the real estate is not subject to property transfer tax, but VAT at the rate of 24%. Some construction companies agree to pay part of the VAT (usually 1/3).


Notary costs

The notary fees usually amount to approximately 2% of the sum specified in the purchase and sale agreement.

Registration fee

It is 0.5% + VAT (24%) of the sum indicated in the purchase and sale agreement.

Lawyer costs

The lawyer costs usually equal 1-1.5% of the real estate object’s actual cost.

Real estate company services

2% of real value + VAT (24%)

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