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The procedure for purchasing real estate in Greece can be roughly divided into 6 main stages. Individual features of the transaction may require additional procedures.

1. Pre-selection

You can find detailed information about real estate objects on our website Our company has the largest real estate base in Greece. Fill out the application form on our website or contact us by phone. At your request, we will select and send for consideration all options that suit you. Our manager will answer all your questions about real estate, if necessary, provide additional information, familiarize you with the process of purchasing real estate in Greece, taxes, laws, market prices, etc.

2. Viewing objects

You can proceed to the direct selection of real estate objects during your planned trip. Our employee will meet you at the airport and take you to the hotel. You can start inspecting the objects from the day you arrive in Greece, subject to arrival in the daytime. Of the previously selected objects, 10 20 of the most attractive proposals with similar criteria are being prepared for display. Initial viewing of objects usually takes 2 days. Another day is required to re-visit the most liked objects for a closer inspection, comparison, as well as negotiations with the owner regarding the final price, payment terms and other details of the future transaction.

3. Object reservation

The initial reservation of the object is usually carried out in the amount of 3 10 thousand euros, depending on the value of the object.

4. Preparation for the contract

After booking an object, you need to complete some formalities:

  1. open a TIN (tax identification number), for which you only need a passport. In the case of real estate registration for both spouses, a marriage certificate with an apostille is also required.
  2. open an account with a Greek bank, you will need it to transfer funds to Greece.

Then you can return home and transfer the required amount to your bank account in Greece, and in the meantime our lawyer will check the legal "purity" of the selected property. It takes 1 to 2 days. In the event of legal problems under Greek law, the seller must return the prepayment to the buyer. The notary together with our lawyer will prepare a sales contract. In addition, property transfer tax (3%) or VAT (24%) must be paid before signing the sales contract. This is usually done by our attorney.

5. Payment for real estate

Most often, payment is made directly at the time of signing the purchase agreement. In this case, the buyer first opens an account with a Greek bank, transfers money to it, draws up a bank check immediately before signing the contract and hands it over to the seller in the presence of a notary. It is also allowed to pay by direct bank payment from the buyer's account (from a bank in any country) to the seller's account.

6. Signing the sales contract

After completing all the formalities, a sales contract is signed and the remaining amount is paid (payment by installments is possible). From this moment on, the real estate object and the land plot to which it belongs are transferred into the possession of the buyer. After signing, the contract is registered in the relevant register of the Companies House. Registration of the contract usually takes 3 weeks and is a formal procedure. Proof of ownership is 2 documents: 1) purchase and sale agreement 2) certificate of registration of the agreement in the real estate registry.