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Greek residency benefits

Greece stands out from other European countries with a loyal policy and a variety of residence permits, allowing to choose the most suitable option. Important benefits of Greek residency are: mild Mediterranean climate, proximity to the sea, centuries-old Orthodox traditions, and, of course, hospitality of the locals.

Greek law provides for various categories of residence permits, depending on the residency purpose. For those who wish to purchase real estate in Greece, as well as for potential investors, there are two types of residence permit with the most attractive conditions, each having its own advantages and prerequisites for obtaining.

Requirements to residence permit

  • Minimum age of 18
  • No criminal record
  • Verified source of income
The main benefit of the residence permit. The right for residency is automatically granted not only to the owner, but his/her spouse, children of both spouses aged under 21 and parents of both spouses
Unlike most types of residence permit, residency of this kind does not require to permanently reside in Greece. You are free to travel throughout Europe without visiting the country.
Long warm summer, pleasant off-season and comfortable winter. The climate of Greece is very comfortable for permanent residence.
Compared to other European countries low daily costs, high quality products at affordable prices.

Categories of residence permit

For property owners

  • Purchase of property in Greece for 250.000 euros total
  • For 5 years
  • For the whole family: spouses, children and parents
  • No obligation of permanent residence
  • 100% guarantee of obtaining
  • Without reflection of account balance

For financially independent persons

  • With a minimum account balance of 48.000 euros, plus 20% for each family member
  • For 2 years
  • For spouses and children
  • No obligation of permanent residence
  • More difficult to obtain than a residence permit for property owners
  • Account balance shall be reflected on a regular basis
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