Residence permit for financially
independent persons

Residence permit in Greece

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From 2.000 euros
income per month
For spouses
and children under 18
For 2 years
no compulsory residence

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This residence permit is suitable for those who have a stable income in their home country, have no intention to work in Greece and do not want to be tied to a particular country. First of all, we are talking about businessmen, entrepreneurs, potential investors, as well as members of their families.

A residence permit in Greece for financially independent persons is issued for 2 years, with the right to be multiply renewed every 3 years. The main condition is confirmation of financial independence, which Greece estimated at 2,000 euros per month + 20% for a spouse + 15% for each child.

Like others, this category of residence permit gives you the right to permanently reside in Greece and to freely move throughout the Schengen area.

Mandatory conditions

  • Minimum age of 18
  • No criminal record
  • Verified source of income
  • Rental agreement for 1 year
The right to obtain a residence permit is granted not only to the owner, but also to his/her spouse, children of both spouses under 21 and parents of both spouses.
Similarly to "golden" residence permit, you can permanently reside in Greece or not come at all.
You decide whether to become a tax resident of the Hellenic Republic. In this case, it is your right, not a duty.
After 7 years of permanent residency it is possible to apply for Greek citizenship provided the resident has spent at least 183 days per each year in Greece.

What's residence permit worth?

Find out cost breakdown for your family, including all taxes and fees

Stages of obtaining a residence permit in Greece

Collection of documents in your country of residence

Duration - about 2 weeks.
Such documents include: a tax return from your country of residence, documents confirming income from the rental of real estate you own, income from participation in a business or entrepreneurial activities, a certificate of employment, or other documents evidencing the legal source of funds.

Obtaining a D-type visa

Duration - about 2 weeks.
To obtain a visa an application along with the list of supporting documents are submitted to the Greek consulate of your country, including information certifying availability of the required income and its origin.

Getting AFM in Greece

Duration - about 2 weeks.
Once visa is requested, you must receive a tax number in Greece, or AFM.

Account opening

Duration - about 2 weeks.
The next step is to open an account in a Greek bank for the funds to be transferred.

Applying for a residence permit

Duration - about 2 weeks.
The last step before residence permit issue is submission of documents to the Department of Migration. At this stage your personal presence will be needed for the fingerprinting procedure. Once application is submitted, a blue certificate (μπλε βεβαίωση) will be issued, granting you the right to stay in the country until the residence permit is finalized.

Obtaining a residence permit

Duration - about 2 weeks.
Finally, you will receive a residence permit for 2 years, which will allow you to enjoy life in Greece and to freely travel throughout the Schengen countries.

Download guide for obtaining a residence permit
Download guide for obtaining a residence permit

Download a brief guide to residence permit

Get our full guide to residence permit, including:

  • all stages of obtaining a residence permit more
  • lists of documents required
  • other details

Benefits of Greece Invest

"Total package" approach
Using our database we seek out property, assist in obtaining residence permit, undertake all paperwork
20 years of experience
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Vadim Dolmenidis, CEO:

Founded in 2002 we have been dealing with real estate market for many years and have strong understanding of the local market. We focus only on high-quality cottages, villas and apartments. Whether searching for recreation, permanent residence, investment or obtaining a residence permit - our experts will understand your needs and help you find the right property.

We deal with every aspect of the region, offering properties in the best and most favorable Greek resorts. The most popular of them are the peninsula of Chalkidiki, Athens, Thessaloniki, Peloponnese, and the islands of Crete and Corfu. addition, our database includes objects in the Olympic Riviera, on the islands of Zakynthos, Rhodes, Thassos, Evia, Santorini, Mykonos, etc.

Vadim Dolmenidis, CEO

Residence permit in questions and answers

The assistance of a lawyer in this case is a right, not an obligation. You can apply yourself. But, given the language barrier and the need to stay in the country to complete a package of documents, it is recommended to delegate the whole procedure to professional.

The law does not impose any obligations on you in this regard. You are entitled to collect and submit documents both personally and by proxy / through a lawyer. However, given the language barrier and the need to stay in the country to collect and submit documents, general advice is to retain the services of an experienced attorney.

Criminal record earned both in the home country and in Greece results in revocation of the valid residence permit.

Residence permit holders and their family members have equal with Greek citizens access to the country's educational institutions.

The Hellenic Ministry of Transport allows the registration of a vehicle in Greece by third-country nationals holding a residence permit in Greece.

This type of residence permit for property owners does not allow the holder and his family members to seek employment in Greece.

This type of residence permit gives the right to purchase an existing Greek business, invest in a business, or register a new legal entity - at your discretion.
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Residence permit for property owners

250.000 euros
purchase amount
For the whole family
children and parents
For 5 years
without compulsory residence
Residence permit as a bonus
when buying property from us

Greece offers the most affordable way to obtain a residence permit in Europe. When buying a property in Greece from 250.000 €, you will become an EU resident with the right of visa-free entry to 26 European countries - members of Schengen Agreement. The main advantages of the program:

  • residence for 3 generations at a time: spouses and their children under 24, as well as parents of both spouses
  • no requirements to minimum period of residence
  • fast handling of formalities - in just 2 months
  • opportunity to apply for Greek citizenship after 7 years of residence.

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