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Property in Greece is most often purchased by foreigners as a resort real estate. In such case your house will remain unattended for the most of the year, but you need to monitor its condition and pay the bills. In addition, real estate in Greece can be a source of stable income - provided there is someone to deal with the rental issues. Since managing real estate from another counry becomes complicated, common practice is to hand in the property for management by a company providing after-sales services.

Greece Invest deals with property management as with a separate line of business. We have a department dedicated exclusively to management of our clients' property.

  • Property rental and management
  • Bookkeeping
  • Payment of taxes, utility bills
  • House maintenance
We provide the following services: preparation of the house for rent, placement of the property on catalogs and our websites, collection of fees, accommodation of tenants, cleaning
Design and repair, furnishing, installation of alarms and CCTV, purchase of household appliances. Preparing the house for your arrival
Submission of tax returns, payment of property tax, utility bills, notifications of any changes in taxes and fees
Organization of airport transfers, car rental, recreation activities - yacht rental, excursions and much more

Management Services

Services Greece-invest

The range of accounting services includes:
- filing an annual tax return,
- tracking and payment of the annual property tax,
- tax reporting,
- keeping track of debts/fines,
- timely notification of taxes and fees payment,
- monitoring information on any innovations in taxation in relation to foreign persons and their property,
- assistance in collecting documents required for filing a tax return and advice on tax issues

Services Greece-invest

Real estate inspections include monitoring the technical condition of your property. Throughout the year, we monitor humidity, air temperature, and traffic to ensure proper condition of your property.

Services Greece-invest

Utility bills include bills for electricity, water, telephone, internet, and maintenance of an apartment building or complex.

Payment is made from 1 to 12 times a year, depending on the bills frequency. We make payment from the deposit funds, which you can leave at the office of the company at any time, after which we send you a notification of payment to your email address.

We can also provide single-time services with regard to property management. To name just few: making one-time payment (property tax, transport tax or utility bill), opening/closing your bank account in Greece.

Services Greece-invest

Since 2014, Greece has introduced an annual property tax - ΕΝΦΙΑ. Its amount is calculated on the basis of the property cadastral value, which depends on many criteria: year of construction, footage, location, etc.

Tax is usually accrued in September and is due over 5 months (in five separate installments), or can be paid at once in one installment.

To pay the tax, you can leave us a deposit - on average, at the rate of 3-4 euros per sq. m. We track the utility bill date, inform you of the tax amount, make payment and send you proof of payment by e-mail.

Services Greece-invest

Concierge services include supervision over construction work, design of the house interior and exterior, arrangement of alarm systems, CCTV, furnishing and purchase of household appliances.

Such services also include booking hotels, excursions, search for a translator, photographer or any other specialists.

Concierge services are very diverse, please visit Concierge section for more detail.

Property Rental

Many of our clients prefer to rent out their property while being outside Greece. For this purpose Aktis group of companies has special business unit Aktis Villas, which deals with the rental of real estate throughout Greece

We will take care of everything, you just have to relax!

In addition to our own websites Holiday Greece and Aktis Villas, our experts will list your property in 15 most popular international villa booking websites as well as in a number of regional platforms and track bookings from each of them.

Over the years, we have created a partner network of more than 50 agencies specializing in villa rentals, individual tourism, luxury tourism, business aviation and other related areas. We will share information of the new villa under our management with all our partners.

We will send one of our professional photographers and videographers to capture all benefits of your house. Photo and video shooting is carried out using state-of-the-art technology.

From the very first contact to ongoing on-site support, we will do our best to meet all the expectations and requirements of the guests throughout their stay.

Our team of pricing experts regularly monitors villa occupancy and market conditions and adjusts prices to achieve the highest possible occupancy and thus profitability.

We will greet each guest personally upon arrival and are ready to assist them during their stay. Aktis Group has its own car park to meet guests at the airport. Our fleet includes all types of cars from standard to premium class such as Mercedes S class and Mercedes V class. All cars are in excellent condition uand are less than 7 years old. All our drivers are specially trained, courteous and speak Russian, English and Greek.

Our coordinators will personally inspect the house upon guests departure and will refund the guests' security deposit if no damage is found.

We will assign a maid to your villa for the whole season or if a full time maid is not practical, we will organize our maids.

Pleasant little things for positive emotions of the guests. We provide high quality toiletries for your guests, adding a touch of luxury to standard villa conviniences.

Every guest is concerned about clean covers, nice linen sheets and soft towels. Every guest is provided with fresh, high-quality linens for comfortable sleep. We purchase special high quality bed linen for intensive use at wholesale prices.

From light bulb change to minor fixes, we take care of basic property maintenance tasks and stay in touch throughout the guest's stay. You don't have to worry about minor issues.

In our work, we adhere to the principles of complete transparency. You'll have access to step from guest booking info to your monthly income - all available in our easy-to-use owner dashboard.

The market for short-term rental property is developing rapidly and attracting more and more attention from tax and legislative authorities. Our experts constantly monitor new laws and make every effort to optimize taxes.

We are targeted to full quality control of all services provided to our guests, for this we acquired our own fleet of cars, Russian-speaking and English-speaking guides, purchased a fleet of cars for rent, and are also developing a platform for convenient online booking of all the said services.


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Service packages

50€ per year for one property


  • For each subsequent property 0.00€
  • Accounting support *
170€ per year for one property


  • For each subsequent property +50.00€
  • Accounting support *
  • Payment of property tax
  • Payment of utilities and other payments
  • Discounts on transfers, rent and cars, etc.
420€ per year for one property


  • For each subsequent property +170.00€
  • Accounting support *
  • Payment of property tax
  • Payment of utilities and other payments
  • Concierge service
  • Inspection of property
  • Discounts on transfers, rent and cars, etc.

* Initial filing of a tax return, as well as the declaration of the property itself in the tax office +50 euros.
* When buying property for several family members, a special price is applied: + 50 euros for other relatives.

Package comparison Basic Comfort Premium
Accounting support Yes Yes Yes
Payment of property tax No Yes Yes
Payment of utilities and other payments No Yes Yes
Concierge service No No Yes
Inspection of the property No No Yes
Discount on Aktis Taxi transfers 5% 10% 15%
Aktis Car car rental discount 5% 10% 15%
Discount on Aktis Guide excursions 5% 7% 10%
Aktis Yachts yacht charter discount 0% 3% 5%

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