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Real estate in Greece is most often purchased by foreigners as a resort property. This means that most of the year your house will be unattended, and you need, at least, to monitor its condition and pay bills. In addition, real estate in Greece can be a source of stable income - provided that someone is willing to deal with rental issues. And since it is rather difficult to do this from another country, then most often the property is transferred to the management of a company that provides after-sales service.
At Greece Invest , property management is a separate line of business, and therefore we have a dedicated department dedicated exclusively to serving our clients' properties. Services include payment of annual tax, utility bills, accounting support, property checks and rental issues. However, everything in order.

Real estate management services agreement

A real estate management contract is essentially a service contract. As a rule, it is concluded for an indefinite period and is valid until its termination by one of the parties.
In accordance with the terms of the contract, the contractor, that is, the company, undertakes to provide on an ongoing basis a set of actions for the management of real estate in Greece. What these actions will be - you decide. There are several packages that differ in the number and cost of the services provided. The customer has the right to demand from the contractor the timely and high-quality performance of the obligations stipulated by the contract, information about any changes in Greek legislation in terms of property rights and obligations of the owner of the real estate, and can also request a full report on the activities of the contractor at any time.
If you decide to terminate the contract with the company, a written notification in free form will be sufficient, which should be submitted no earlier than one month before the termination of the contract.

Property management services

Accounting support

The range of services for accounting support includes filing an annual tax return, tracking and paying the annual real estate tax, providing tax reports, tracking debts / fines, timely informing about the payment of taxes and fees, monitoring information about any innovations in taxation in relation to foreign persons and their property, assistance in collecting the necessary documents for filing a tax return and advice on tax issues.

Renting out real estate

Many of our clients prefer to rent out their property during their absence. For these purposes, the Aktis group of companies has a special department that deals with the rental of real estate throughout Greece.
Renting out is a separate service that is not included in any of the property management packages. You can order it additionally at any time after signing, or without signing an after-sales service agreement. In this case, we will add your property to the real estate database ( of the company. Our responsibilities also include searching for potential tenants, concluding a lease agreement, preparing the house for moving in, checking and ensuring the house is cleaned after check-out, issues of tenants' arrival / departure, obtaining rent, and other related tasks.

Property management services cost

As mentioned above, real estate after-sales service consists of several types of services. They are grouped into three main packages:

  • Base

    this package includes accounting support for the maintenance of your property. This is the most economical option, which is suitable if you often visit Greece: the cost of the basic package is 50 € per year.

  • Comfort

    the package includes accounting support, payment of utility bills and real estate tax, as well as concierge services. The cost per year is 170 € for one property, and an additional 20 € for each subsequent one.

  • Premium

    accounting support, payment of utility bills, real estate tax, concierge, checking the condition of real estate 7 times a year. The package price is 420 € per year for one property, and 170 € for each subsequent property.

In each case, the declaration of the property with the tax office and the initial filing of the tax return are paid separately. The cost of the service is 50 euros. At the same time, in the case of buying real estate in the name of several family members at once, there is a special discounted price for them: an additional 10 euros for spouses and 20 euros for relatives of other degrees of kinship.

In cases of providing one-time services, the following prices apply:

The service of renting your property and placing it in the company's real estate database is free of charge. At the same time, in each case of renting real estate, the company's commission is 20% of the rental cost.
You can learn more about the offered services and prices by contacting a specialist at Greece Invest.

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