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The most favorable conditions for purchasing an apartment in Thassos (Greece) with Gris Invest

Do you have free funds, and you have not yet decided what it is better to invest in? The most reasonable solution would be to buy an apartment in Thassos (Greece), and for many reasons:

  1. Real estate prices in this country are now reduced to the maximum. Despite the fact that many years have passed since the global financial crisis, this country has not yet emerged from it, which is reflected in the pricing policy that applies to commercial and residential real estate. For investors, this alignment is of particular interest, since now there is an opportunity to buy more square meters for the cheapest price, so that after a while, when prices rise, it is profitable to sell the object;

  2. Real estate acquisition is simplified as much as possible. The government of this country is doing everything possible to attract the inflow of foreign capital into the country;

  3. An apartment (apartment) is the most liquid real estate, as there will always be a buyer who will be ready to purchase an object from you in the event that for some reason you decide to put it up for sale.

Are you looking for an apartment in Thassos and you just can't decide among the offered variety? The website of the Greece Invest company contains the most advantageous offers

The employees of this firm carefully select properties in order to offer their clients the most profitable options. Having invested in the purchase of an apartment in Greece, you can be sure that you can make money on it - judging by the forecasts of experts and analysts of the real estate market, a significant jump in prices is expected in a few years, which will allow you to sell your square meters much more expensive. In addition, until this glorious moment comes, you will be able to rent out an apartment quite safely - tourists prefer renting an apartment to living in a hotel, and even in the most expensive one, since in the first case, strangers will not interfere with enjoying their vacation to the fullest. least.

There is another interesting feature that can be traced in relation to Greek real estate - the cost of one square meter on the island is cheaper than on the mainland, although the islands are not inferior in infrastructure, not in the beauty of the surrounding views.

Additional services provided by Greece Invest. The process of purchasing real estate will give you only pleasure!

  1. Full legal support of the transaction "from and to". The client only needs to pay in the amount and receive the title deeds for the property;

  2. Assistance in further servicing the purchased property (including the search for bona fide clients in case you want to rent out an apartment);

  3. Drawing up an investment program on an individual basis. This is especially interesting for those people and corporations who invest professionally, since with significant investments it allows you to get a significantly larger profit.

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