in Moscow: 8 (495) 651 61 75
Petersburg: 8 (812) 309 05 45
in Kiev: (044) 393 42 40

Office in Thessaloniki:

Greece, Thessaloniki
st. I. Polemi 37, 54248
Mob .: +30 6978 181 319 (Viber, WhatsApp)
Tel.: +30 2311 11 11 77

Athens office

7, Koundouriotou str., 17122,
N. Smyrni, Athens, Greece
Tel .: +30 (210) 941-97-57
Fax:+30 (210) 942-08-95

Crete office

Greece, Heraklion, 71500
Tel .: +30 (281) 810 33 20

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Your customized selection of properties in Greece

Take the quiz to find the best variant meeting your criteria and get a Buyer’s guide as a bonus!

An opportunity to make a profitable investment - invest in an apartment in the Peloponnese and start making a profit immediately!

Greece is in high demand among Russian tourists - in this country you can have a wonderful rest and get acquainted with the world cultural heritage. In this regard, the interest of investors in real estate in this country is growing, since they can be sure that it will not stand idle - regardless of the price segment, there will be someone who wants to rent it. But in spite of everything, apartments in the Peloponnese are the most liquid objects, since their cost relative to private houses and villas is low, and there were always plenty of people willing to rent an apartment for a vacation period. It is also necessary to understand that the main client for housing in Greece has an average income level - there are, of course, wealthy people, but there are much less of them. In any case, it would be much smarter to start investing with small investments. So the best option is to buy an apartment in Greece. Moreover, after a while, if desired, it can be profitably sold - a significant rise in prices is predicted in the near future.

Gris Invest offers real estate in the Peloponnese at the best prices

Even taking into account the fact that now Greece has the lowest real estate prices in Europe, Gris Invest offers its clients only those offers that are beneficial in terms of investment. All options are highly liquid, so if necessary, you can find a buyer for your property at any time. Moreover, you will be able to make money on this deal, since the offered prices on the site are very beneficial for the client!

If necessary, you can tell the company's specialists your own wishes regarding the object you are interested in, and after a while you will receive a list of proposals that will meet all the specified requirements.

Buying real estate in Greece is also beneficial because you can rent it throughout the year, and when you want to relax yourself, there will be no need to look for housing.

Why is it the most profitable to buy an apartment in the Peloponnese with Gris Invest?

In addition to the fact that the forces of this company can organize a profitable transaction for the acquisition of real estate, the company offers its clients a number of additional services:

  1. Assistance in obtaining a mortgage loan. Just imagine - in this country, even those persons who are not its residents can apply for a mortgage, and the interest rate will be much lower than in Russia! All bureaucratic troubles Gris Invest undertakes;
  2. Management of the acquired property. You can successfully rent the purchased apartment throughout the year, and Gris Invest will take care of finding responsible and respectable tenants;
  3. There is an opportunity to develop investment programs on an individual basis, taking into account the capabilities and wishes of the client - this will make it possible to make the most profitable transactions!