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Proposals in the Greek real estate market are attracting an increasing number of buyers. The popularity of the Greek region is growing every year, while prices here are much lower than in other European countries. The economic crisis in Greece has made additional adjustments to the real estate market, further improving the investment climate: real estate prices have fallen significantly, and its acquisition has become even more profitable. As a result, at the moment, investing in real estate in Greece is one of the most profitable ways to invest money.
Greece Invest actively cooperates with both private and corporate investors.

Below we list the most popular types of real estate investments in Greece:

1. Residential houses and apartments

Buying a house by the sea in Greece at a price can compete with many regions of Russia, Ukraine and other CIS countries. In addition to your own vacation, you can earn additional income from this property in the empty months by renting it out. The liquidity of this type of real estate has always been and remains high, so there is an opportunity to make money on the resale of such properties.

2. Investment in tourism business

Tourism in Greece is one of the leading sectors of the economy. The constant influx of tourists to a country with an attractive history, untouched nature and originality provides a stable cash income. The development of new hotel properties is one of the most attractive investment opportunities in the tourism sector.

3. Construction

A promising direction of investment is the purchase of land plots in Greece for construction. The cost of land in Greece is relatively stable and varies depending on factors such as proximity to the sea, the settlement.
We offer you participation in investment projects of different scale and duration, depending on your individual investment preferences or the investment strategy of your company.

The development of each investment project is preceded by a detailed marketing analysis, which is based on the practical experience of brokerage operations with residential, suburban and commercial real estate, the experience of our partners in the implementation of large investment projects both in Greece and abroad. With a high degree of probability, we can predict the profitability of investment projects in the field of real estate.

Our services:

  • Analysis of the current market situation.
  • Qualitative analysis of investment objects presented on the market.
  • Legal support of the project.
  • Development of the marketing concept of the project.
  • Development of an architectural concept.
  • Financial and economic modeling of the project.
  • Construction of a turnkey project
  • Project management
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