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general information

“The law protects everyone who can hire a good lawyer” - in general, this ironic statement reflects the true state of affairs, especially when it comes to a foreign country. It is also true for Greece: purchasing real estate, obtaining a residence permit, registering a TIN or opening a bank account - these and many other issues require the help of a competent specialist, ideally speaking not only Greek, but also the client's language.
Legal support in Greece for foreign citizens can be roughly divided into three categories: execution of a real estate sale and purchase transaction, general legal services and related services. Let's consider each of them in more detail.

Purchase and sale of real estate

When it comes to acquiring real estate, it is difficult to do without the help of a lawyer, and buying and selling real estate in Greece presupposes his mandatory participation, at least at some stages. Buying a house in Greece is a complex process that takes place in several stages , among which a separate place is occupied by the registration of the AFM (the Greek analogue of the INN), opening an account in a Greek bank and checking the legal purity of real estate.

Legal support of the purchase and sale transaction

It is better to enlist the help of a lawyer at the stage of real estate selection. In this case, having found a suitable option, you can immediately draw up an agreement and make a deposit, thus booking the object you like. And of course, it is easier for any specialist to conduct a transaction from beginning to end, in order to be able to thoroughly study the issue and bear full responsibility for its successful registration.

Assistance in opening TIN and bank account

After choosing a property, you need to register a TIN in Greece and open a bank account in your name. This can be done within one day, subject to the availability of all the necessary documents (go to the block "required documents" of the article "Tour for real estate"). Registration of a TIN and opening an account in a Greek bank are prerequisites for the subsequent conclusion of a purchase and sale agreement.

Real estate due diligence in Greece

At the stage of real estate verification, the help of a lawyer is needed who checks the object you have chosen for the absence of possible encumbrances - in particular, mortgages, pledges, sureties, rights of third parties, as well as the correctness of registration of title documents, absence of violations during construction, etc. The procedure takes up to 2 business days.

Legal support in Greece

General legal services include any questions that may arise in connection with temporary or permanent residence in Greece. These include, first of all, obtaining a residence permit for various reasons, however, with permanent residence in the country, you may encounter other issues that require the intervention of a specialist.

Residence permit

Perhaps the most pressing question for most foreigners is the grounds on which they could legally reside on the territory of a foreign state. In the case of real estate acquisition, it can serve as the basis for obtaining the so-called "golden" residence permit , and is also taken into account when obtaining a residence permit for a financially independent person . Each type of residence permit has its own set of documents and grounds for obtaining. A competent specialist will help to analyze your situation and choose the best option.

Legal entity registration services

The Greek state provides foreign citizens with the opportunity to register a new one in the country, or invest in an existing Greek business, for which there is even a separate type of residence permit. Of course, the registration of a legal entity in Greece by a foreigner has its own specifics. So, only foreign citizens who have a residence permit for entrepreneurial activity receive full rights. In other cases, the procedure for a foreigner's participation in a particular enterprise is limited both from the point of view of the organizational and legal form of the enterprise and the powers of the said person. Therefore, before registering a business in Greece, it is necessary to resolve the issue of a residence permit.

Protection of interests in court and state structures

Unfortunately, none of us is immune from the situation when we have to act as a party to a dispute in various government structures, and sometimes seek help from the courts. In a foreign country, such situations are complicated by the lack of knowledge of the language and legislation of the country. When seeking professional help, it is especially important to choose a specialist who would speak the same language with you in order to be able to explain all the nuances and keep you informed.

Accompanying services

Finally, related services include services at the intersection of jurisprudence and concierge . There are situations when a lawyer can act as a translator, mediate in negotiations with the seller, perform real estate functions, answering certain questions about the property you are interested in, etc. In such cases, the help of a specialist is doubly useful, because in any of the listed questions knowledge of Greek law turns out to be a significant advantage, and sometimes it is simply necessary.

Translation services

As a rule, a lawyer acts as an interpreter in situations when the client is at the stage of choosing a property, vehicle or boat. When inspecting objects, it is often difficult to do without additional explanations from the seller or his representative, and therefore the lawyer takes on the function of an interpreter, acting as an intermediary in negotiations between the parties.

Purchase of a car or yacht

It is difficult to imagine buying a car or yacht in a foreign country without the intervention of an experienced lawyer. In these cases, the specialist not only deals with the legal side of the transaction, but also assists in the implementation of related tasks: checking the history of the vehicle / boat, passing the technical inspection, obtaining numbers, obtaining insurance, etc.