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Petersburg: 8 (812) 309 05 45
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Office in Thessaloniki:

Greece, Thessaloniki
st. I. Polemi 37, 54248
Mob .: +30 6978 181 319 (Viber, WhatsApp)
Tel.: +30 2311 11 11 77

Athens office

7, Koundouriotou str., 17122,
N. Smyrni, Athens, Greece
Tel .: +30 (210) 941-97-57
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Crete office

Greece, Heraklion, 71500
Tel .: +30 (281) 810 33 20

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This section contains reviews of our customers. The proposed reviews represent the experience of purchasing housing in different cities and regions of Greece by citizens of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus - people of different ages, with different income levels and different needs. We hope that acquaintance with these life stories will allow other potential buyers to get rid of all doubts, albeit quite natural in this situation, and bring them closer to their dream - to become the owner of real estate in one of the most attractive countries for life and recreation - Greece.

We bought a villa in Greece in spring 2019. We contacted several real estate companies, but eventually settled on Greece Invest. They are really professionals. They perfectly understood our requirements, picked up a sufficient number of options so that we could compare and choose exactly the one that we imagined. We quickly sorted out all the paperwork and in just three weeks we became the happy owners of a dream villa. A nice bonus from the company that they continue to conduct our business conscientiously: utilities, reports, taxes. Being in Russia, we are calm for our nest in sunny Greece. It's in good hands. Thank you very much again.
As a happy owner of a stunning apartment in Thessaloniki, I would like to express my gratitude to the qualified employees of Greece Invest. Competent, clearly fulfilling wishes, thoroughly knowing all banking and legal issues. Quickly and without red tape helped to choose real estate in Greece, collect the necessary documents, open an account in a Greek bank and make a purchase. And now they are the guardian angels of my peace. They continue to pay my bills, utility bills, taxes, etc. Thank you guys.
I bought a house in Crete as a present for my daughter. On the advice of a friend, I turned to Greece Invest, he bought real estate in Greece a couple of years ago and was satisfied, they exceeded all my expectations. Several options were promptly selected according to my requests. We gave detailed advice on each and helped to decide on the basis of further payments and services. Helped with visa processing. We provided transport for getting around the area. We opened a bank account, explained all the details of further cooperation. All worries about paying bills, taxes and all reporting were taken over. You feel calm knowing that your home is under supervision. My service package also includes periodic home visits and airing. The staff provide a photo report. Thank you so much. We are very pleased with our cooperation with you. Now I'm getting ready to buy a house for myself. Naturally, we will only work with you.
After a year of cooperation with Greece Invest, I would like to express my gratitude to all the employees who helped with the acquisition of real estate in Greece and continue to take care of my peace of mind, housing and car in Greece.
I want to say a huge thank you to Greece Invest employee Valentina. Very nice and polite. He is well versed in all specialized issues. Easily communicates information: from visa processing and opening an account, ending with an agreement for the subsequent maintenance of our villa. Even before buying real estate in Greece, we were worried that for almost 9 months our real estate would be unattended in a foreign country, so when choosing a company we paid serious attention to after-sales service and were not mistaken, thanks to Greece Invest
Thanks to Greece Invest and Elena personally for help in buying real estate in Greece. She is always in touch, ready to help with any question, clearly explains all the details, and does everything promptly. It feels like the employee is on your side. We spent three weeks on everything about everything. Thanks to the professionalism of the staff, these were pleasant chores. And now we are the proud owners of a dream home in Greece.
At the beginning of last summer, we turned to this company on the advice of friends. We flew to Greece, we were greeted, everything is very organized, with a smile, honestly, on business and quickly. We chose a house. They gave the deposit. Everything literally in 3 days. But then there were problems with the documents when registering with the owner. To be honest, we were a little scared, even thought to give up the idea of ​​buying real estate in Greece, but our worries were in vain, we were immediately returned the deposit and invited to new views. We had no desire to contact another company. We were led by an excellent specialist, it is clear that he is a man of word and deed, understanding and competent. We came to Greece again, already as our good friends. And by the end of summer, we drove into the house and splashed with the children in the sea, surrounded by a pine forest. In general, we are satisfied. Everything is transparent and dignified.
We are very satisfied, Gris Invest is generally great! The idea to buy real estate in Greece came to us a couple of years ago, while on holiday in Greece, but we did not manage to find the house of our dreams right away, there were some thorns along the way, but the company's employees and a wonderful lawyer who cooperates with the company helped a lot (thanks, Patros Papaefimiou!), It's so nice to feel protected in the EU. Thanks to such professionals, trust in the company is born, we can safely recommend it to friends and acquaintances!
I would like to thank Gris Invest for organizing the rental of my house on the Halkidiki peninsula, searching for tenants and controlling all payments, taxes, etc. I plan to continue investing in real estate in Greece.
I would like to thank the Gris Invest company represented by the employee Vadim who worked with me for the competent assistance in buying real estate in Greece. Due to his employment, he was forced to entrust most of the transaction to him and control the online process. You know, I even liked it. Stress has been minimized. The guys are really professionals in their field. I can imagine how much time it would take for legal issues and banking ... Thank you for saving time, money and, most importantly, nerves.
We chose real estate initially on the Internet. We were in contact with 3 agencies, as a result GREECE INVEST are objectively the best. An individual approach, knowledge of all nuances without exception (banking, tax, etc.), full support and support on all matters of buying real estate in Greece. With their help, we received a VAT number without queues in 2 hours and opened an account. The deal was carried out at the highest level, despite the time constraints + simultaneously extinguished the former owner's mortgage. The guys and their lawyer prepared and coordinated everything in advance, neither the notary nor the bank had a single question. After the transaction, our real estate business in Greece has been conducting for the third year already (taxes, reports, utility bills, etc.), everything is fine.
Purchased property in Greece near the sea through Gris Invest. The company was chosen by chance, via the Internet, and did not regret it for a minute. The managers are real professionals in their field, they showed us many interesting options, among which we found a suitable one for us. We received answers to all our questions, during the search for the villa and the paperwork we were constantly supported by the employees of Gris Invest. The option offered by them turned out to be so successful that 2 more people, already on our recommendation, bought villas in our house through Gris Invest, and 1 person used their services, having bought real estate in another place. After the purchase, they handle the preparation of our documents and declarations and help solve current issues. Guys, thank you very much.