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Found roperties

Your customized selection of properties in Greece

Take the quiz to find the best variant meeting your criteria and get a Buyer’s guide as a bonus!

Processes in the economy are directly related to the real estate market. If investors leave the country, the prospects for its economy are not very bright. If residential real estate is booming, the reports need not be read, the country has a future.


Why is it profitable to buy a villa in Greece

The economic crisis had a positive side: even luxury real estate in Greece fell in value. The investment is becoming more and more popular among those who want to have their own paradise by the sea in the most popular holiday destination abroad. There is no desire to live in the country all year round - the villa is rented out, receiving additional income in euros. Overseas resort property on the coast is always in demand.

Spending money on housing in Greece is a good investment. The stream of those wishing to learn more about history and original culture, enjoy the sea and the warm climate does not dry out.

By purchasing a villa near the sea in Crete or Athens, you understand the country's glorious past is an excellent resource. Mountains, gardens, wilderness and almost nearby - developed infrastructure.

The Russian will not stay "on the island" abroad. Dozens of companies from Russia, many compatriot societies work here. In addition, Greece is an Orthodox country, the similarity of mentality helps in communication.

By becoming the owner of an elite villa in Greece, its owner and family members receive a residence permit. The rule is also valid for the secondary market, the main thing is that the purchase price of one or more objects should be from 250 thousand euros.


The best prices

The selection of a villa for purchase depends on the imagination and financial capabilities of the investor. Greece Invest will assist in the acquisition and sale of the most liquid foreign property.

The price is largely influenced by the condition of the villa, distance from the sea and infrastructure. It turns out to be much more profitable to invest in a secondary housing than to purchase a plot with subsequent construction.

We have a constantly growing database of quite democratic proposals. Even luxury real estate on the coast will cost significantly less than the cost of a player in the national football team.

Our company will help you select and buy real estate in the capital of Greece, on the mainland or on the islands by the sea. Villas in resort regions are traditionally more expensive, but we always have profitable hot offers.


Additional services

The company undertakes foreign legal support and insurance. The task of the future owner is only to prepare the euro.

Greece Invest:

  • will consult for free;
  • analyze the market and investment objects;
  • make a selection of real estate;
  • organizes a study tour to view proposals;
  • if necessary, arrange a mortgage loan;
  • undertakes the development of architectural and marketing concepts;
  • will produce financial and economic modeling;
  • take control of construction with subsequent management;
  • will be selling.

Residential real estate abroad on the coast is now of interest to many, hurry up to contact us, hot offers are sold quickly.