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Petersburg: 8 (812) 309 05 45
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Office in Thessaloniki:

Greece, Thessaloniki
st. I. Polemi 37, 54248
Mob .: +30 6978 181 319 (Viber, WhatsApp)
Tel.: +30 2311 11 11 77

Athens office

7, Koundouriotou str., 17122,
N. Smyrni, Athens, Greece
Tel .: +30 (210) 941-97-57
Fax:+30 (210) 942-08-95

Crete office

Greece, Heraklion, 71500
Tel .: +30 (281) 810 33 20

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Your customized selection of properties in Greece

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The reasons for the increased interest in houses and cottages in Thessaloniki (Greece). Why is purchasing this property a very profitable investment?

Every day more and more people want to invest their savings in real estate, and this is very good, because this particular investment is the most reliable in terms of the safety of funds. However, in order for a real estate investment to bring you tangible income, you will need to choose highly liquid, lucrative offers. These are the options offered by GrisInvest - on the website of this company there are many different houses and cottages in Greece, purchasing which, you will receive significant benefits. Moreover, this is achieved by two mechanisms:

1. Increase in the price of the real estate itself. That is, the cottage that you buy today for 40 thousand dollars (for example), in a year will already be estimated at 50 thousand. The benefits are clear;

2. Getting the rent. In the event that you yourself are not going to live in the purchased house, you can rent it out to guests, receiving a stable monthly income.

Please note that despite the difficult economic situation in Greece, this country is not becoming less attractive for tourists. Accordingly, prices for rental housing, where you can stay on vacation, will not decrease.


What should you consider if you want to buy a house in Thessaloniki? The best prices to date

1. First of all, it is necessary to invest in an object with high liquidity (that is, the real estate, which, if necessary, can be profitably and inexpensively sold). By visiting the website of GrisInvest, you will see only highly liquid objects, since the specifics of the activities of this company imply assistance in investing funds;

2. Buying a house in Thessaloniki is good even for yourself - you will never enjoy a good rest if you hear and see other vacationers next to you (like in a hotel). Situated in your own cottage, you can fully enjoy your vacation!

3. A townhouse in Thessaloniki will once again emphasize your status - having such a property is very prestigious!


Additional services that GrisInvest provides to its clients, in addition to the paperwork for the purchased housing in Thessaloniki

1. If you need to rent out the cottages you have purchased in Thessaloniki, you can count on the help of the specialists of the "Gris Invest" company;

2. Assistance in choosing the most suitable option - all your requirements regarding the desired cottage will be satisfied;

3. If you need to purchase an apartment in installments, you can also count on the help of consultants from GrisInvest - the company cooperates with the leading financial institutions of this country, which allows you to issue a mortgage even for those clients who are not citizens of Greece. It will be possible to buy a house at 2-3% per annum;

4. Buying real estate in Greece is a chance to get a residence permit in the European Union. Greece Invest professionals will help you with this issue.