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What is the advantage of purchasing an apartment (apartments) in Thessaloniki (Greece) with Greece Invest?

For a long period of time, Greece Invest has been helping people to buy a wide variety of properties in Greece. The specialists of this firm are top-class professionals, and they perfectly understand that the person who has never bought real estate in another country experiences a certain excitement, since he does not know the specifics of the legal procedure. You can be sure that if the professionals of GrisInvest get down to business, you will be guaranteed not only the safety and efficiency of the transaction, but also the most suitable option will be selected, which will suit all the stated criteria.

In addition, it is worth paying attention to the fact that GrisInvest provides a full range of services - from consultations on the acquisition, and ending with the solution of all issues with the documentation required in order to buy an apartment in Thessaloniki. You do not have to do anything on your own, except to substitute several signatures confirming consent to the purchase of the property.

Buy an apartment in Thessaloniki. The best prices

Recently, many domestic investors have paid attention to real estate in Greece, and it is on the resort. This is no coincidence, since due to the difficult economic situation in which this state found itself after the global financial crisis that broke out in 2008-2009, prices for Greek real estate fell significantly, and so far there has been no growth trend. Now is the time to invest in apartments and apartments in Thessaloniki, as experts predict a significant increase in real estate prices in Greece in the near future.

In addition, there is another important advantage of resort real estate - the whole point is that economic difficulties did not in any way affect the attractiveness of this country for tourists, and inexpensively purchased housing can be successfully rented, thus earning not only on price dynamics but also receiving a stable rental fee.

Housing in Greece has always been in high demand, so you don't have to worry about the liquidity of the acquired property - you can always sell it, if necessary.

Additional services

In addition to helping you purchase the property you are interested in, GrisInvest provides many different services:

1. Assistance in obtaining a mortgage loan. You can buy the apartment you like in installments without being a Greek citizen! Most interestingly, the mortgage interest rate in this country is about 2-3% per annum!

2. Acquisition of real estate in Greece (in particular, an apartment in Thessaloniki) is the basis for obtaining a residence permit. If necessary, Greece Invest will help you with the solution of this issue too!

3. A selection of hot offers to buy an apartment in Thessaloniki. There is a list of objects, the price of which is as low as possible. By purchasing them, you can save a lot!


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