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Your customized selection of properties in Greece

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Why is it profitable to buy a house in Thassos (Greece)?

Recently, there has been a sharp increase in demand for the purchase of cottages in this country - naturally, a completely natural question arises as to why all successful investors (both individuals and corporations) are intensively investing their free funds in Greek real estate?

In this case, there are several reasons contributing to this:

  1. 1. Now it is still possible to buy a house on Thassos at a low price - Greece has suffered so much from the outbreak of the global financial crisis that it still cannot recover from it. Naturally, this circumstance only plays into the hands of people who want to invest in real estate, so in a few years for the same amount they will be able to purchase much less square meters in Greece. Taking advantage of the situation right now, you can make an investment with the highest return on investment!

  2. The government of this state is doing everything possible to simplify as much as possible the procedure for selling real estate, so you can buy a house on Thassos without any bureaucratic problems (which cannot be avoided in any other European state);

  3. A townhouse in Thassos is a highly liquid real estate that can be sold without any problems at any time. There will be no problems with finding a buyer!

The best prices for the properties you are interested in - a Greek paradise for investors

Cottages on Thassos are now cheaper than on the mainland, while infrastructure, saturation with historical monuments and other indicators do not differ in any way. What is the reason for this feature is not entirely clear, but one thing can be said with certainty - the purchase of real estate for its further lease in this case will be most profitable. That is why the leading experts of GrisInvest strongly recommend that investors and ordinary buyers pay attention to housing in Thassos, both elite and budget (in fact, a house on this island can be bought relatively inexpensively - if you compare prices, they are not particularly different from Russian).

When contacting Greece Invest, it will be enough to indicate your priorities - buying real estate for the purpose of its subsequent leasing and possible resale, or purchasing exclusively for yourself. In any case, you will be offered the most suitable options for each situation.

How else can the specialists of GrisInvest help you?

  1. Options will be selected according to an individual investment program - this will allow you to get the maximum profit from the transactions carried out;

  2. Full legal support of the purchase / sale transaction is guaranteed - the company has been on the market for a very long time and values its hard-earned impeccable reputation, which unambiguously indicates in favor of the competence and reliability of this company;

  3. Assistance is provided (if necessary) in obtaining a mortgage loan at a low interest rate (relevant even for those who are not residents of Greece).