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How not to be mistaken when choosing a house in Greece? The most obvious answer is to seek professional help. But even in this case, you will have to make an important decision, choosing the most suitable from the proposed options. Therefore, let's figure out where the buying process begins by looking at the main stages of real estate selection. Follow these simple steps and you won't have to regret your choice!

Steps when choosing a property

The selection of real estate in Greece is a process that takes place in several stages. First of all, you need to decide what you need a house for: the choice of the region and the type of real estate depends on whether you want to live in the country permanently , come for the summer or rent out the house . An apartment in a city with a developed infrastructure is suitable for permanent residence, it is better to buy a summer residence in resort villages, and the cost of rent is largely influenced by the distance from the sea.
In matters such as real estate selection, Greece boasts a great variety. Therefore, having decided on the place for your future home, you will certainly come across a huge number of options for buying. It would seem that the choice is not so difficult - everything is decided by your personal taste. But in practice, the process is usually delayed: you would like to get more information about some object, some options are good, but do not quite meet your expectations, and in others you would like to change something. One of the possible solutions in this case is to build your own house , but not everyone has the time, and even the desire, to deal with construction issues. Therefore, when it comes to buying a finished home, it’s best to follow a few simple steps.


Preliminary selection of objects

At this stage, you independently choose the objects you like from the existing real estate base. Here, the help of a consultant of Greece Invest is quite enough, who will provide any additional information about the objects you like remotely. Another option is to fill out the application form, and then we ourselves will select the appropriate options for your request. After that, we agree with you on the dates of arrival and organize an inspection of the selected offers.

View suitable options

At this stage, a personal inspection of the real estate objects you are interested in is carried out. Usually, from the list of objects, 10-20 most attractive offers are selected, which are most suitable for your request. You can plan a trip to Greece for any dates convenient for you, and our specialist will take care of organizing the viewing and saving your time as much as possible. In addition, he will act as an intermediary in negotiations with the owner and discussion of a future transaction.

Property reservation

Having decided on the choice of your new home, you can immediately reserve it by concluding a preliminary agreement with the owner and making an advance payment. Its amount usually ranges from three to ten thousand euros, depending on the value of the property, and serves as a guarantee that the object is assigned to you and cannot be offered to another buyer. This is the final stage in the selection of a property, followed by the transfer of ownership.

Questions and answers

Do I need a lawyer at the stage of real estate selection?

At the stages of compiling a list of objects and viewing options, a competent consultant is enough who will answer basic questions and help avoid pitfalls. When reserving real estate objects, the presence of a lawyer is not necessary, but, in fact, it is necessary for negotiating and competently drawing up documents on the transfer of funds. The help of a lawyer will also be required at the later stages of the transaction - to check the legal purity of the real estate, draw up a sale and purchase agreement, register the transfer of ownership, etc.

Personal inspection of objects is usually complicated by the tight terms of stay in Greece, therefore our specialists will agree in advance on the program of viewing and build an optimal route so that you can see the maximum number of objects in one day. This will save you time and unnecessary travel. As a rule, the process of inspecting objects takes about two days, and one more day should be set aside for re-visiting the options you like most.

If we are talking about a residence permit for real estate owners, then its cost should be from 250,000 euros. In fact, this is the only condition that is sufficient to obtain a residence permit. In other cases, it is possible to obtain a residence permit for financially independent persons. For a residence permit of this type, the availability of real estate does not play a decisive role, but it is one of the factors in obtaining it.

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