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Buying a new home is both challenging and enjoyable. And buying real estate abroad requires special preparation at all stages: from choosing a place for your future residence to the moment of registration of ownership.

So, you have considered all the options, have chosen your dream home and now you want to register it as a property. Since in Greece sales and purchases are made only in the presence of a notary, the contract is drawn up by him. But before you contact him, you must fulfill several conditions, without which the conclusion of the transaction will be impossible.

Opening a bank account and TIN

First of all, you need to open an AFM in Greece - a taxpayer identification number, an analogue of the Russian TIN. To do this, contact the appropriate department of the tax service. For registration, you only need a passport, as well as a marriage certificate certified by the APOSTILLE seal in case the property is registered for both spouses at once.

Next, you should open a Greek bank account in your name. This is a mandatory step, without which you simply will not be able to pay for your property: the transfer of funds can only be made through your personal bank account. To open it, you will again need a passport with a valid visa, on the basis of which you are in the country, as well as a number of other documents .

You can issue an AFM and open a bank account within one day if you coordinate your actions correctly and make an appointment in advance. In order to simplify the task as much as possible and save time, you can already at this stage contact the specialists of the legal department of Greece Invest . A lawyer will accompany you, act as a translator and help you arrange all the necessary documents.

Stages of a real estate purchase and sale transaction

The process of transferring ownership consists of several stages, each of which is mandatory for the successful completion of the transaction. On some of them you can act independently, provided that you understand the language and have some knowledge in this area, others cannot be done without the help of a lawyer. In any case, it is better to contact a specialist right away - this will greatly simplify the buying process and help avoid pitfalls. And there may be stones.



After choosing a property, you must make an advance payment in order to reserve your favorite property. The amount of the deposit is determined by agreement of the parties, and, as a rule, depends on the value of the acquired property. When you make a deposit, an appropriate document is drawn up - this can be a receipt for receipt of funds or a preliminary agreement - where the terms for concluding the main agreement are necessarily prescribed.

Checking the legal purity of real estate

During a legal check, a lawyer must make sure that the seller is indeed the full owner of the property being sold, that the property is not encumbered with anything (not mortgaged, not subject to legal proceedings, etc.) and is free from claims of third parties. Next, the lawyer must find out whether there are legal permits for the construction work performed, and whether the seller has paid all due taxes on real estate for the past and current years. In the event of legal problems or irregularities, in accordance with Greek law, the seller is obliged to return the prepayment to the buyer.

Conclusion of a sales contract

In Greece, all transactions of transfer of ownership must be certified by a notary. Before signing, the notary is presented with a receipt for payment of the state tax on the transfer of ownership. For different real estate objects, it ranges from 3% to 24%, you can read more about the costs of transferring property here . After that, the notary draws up a contract, upon signing which the funds are transferred to the seller. There is a possibility of purchasing real estate by installments, or obtaining a mortgage .

Registration of the transfer of ownership

This is the final stage of the deal. Technically, the transfer of ownership occurs at the time of signing the contract and transferring funds to the seller. However, afterwards the contract must also be registered in the relevant register of the Greek Companies House and the registration fee must be paid. This is a formal procedure that is usually performed by a notary public or the buyer's lawyer. After registration, you will be given an appropriate certificate of registration of this agreement and amendments to the real estate register.

Terms and costs of registration of the transaction

The procedure for transferring ownership, starting from the reservation of an object and ending with the issuance of a certificate of the real estate registry, takes about a month. This period can be extended if violations are detected when checking the legal purity of the object - it usually takes some time to eliminate them.

Reservation of the object will take no more than one day. The amount of the deposit usually ranges from three to ten thousand euros - the figure may vary depending on the total amount of the transaction.

Checking the legal purity of real estate takes about 1-2 days. In companies that provide legal support for real estate transactions, the price of verification is already included in the general package of services for registering an object in ownership.

At the conclusion of the contract, you pay the notary the cost of his services , as well as "paravolo" - another state tax, expressed in the value of the stamps that must be used to seal the contract. The notary's fee directly depends on the value of the property being purchased and averages 1.5% - 2% of the value of the property. Drawing up a contract, signing it by the parties and transferring funds is a matter of one day. But the collection of documents that the seller is obliged to provide can take up to 3 weeks.

Finally, the registration of the transfer of title with the Greek Companies House takes about three weeks. She is also included in the package of services of a lawyer engaged in legal support of the sale of real estate.

Greece Invest provides support for all types of real estate transactions, and also deals with the registration of ownership - starting with the selection of an object and ending with the issuance of a certificate of registration of the transfer of ownership. In addition, we provide legal support for real estate after its acquisition. The services provided by the company also include accounting support, management of your property and concierge services . You can contact a support specialist who will advise you in detail on any questions of interest.

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