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Sale and purchase of a villa on the Halkidiki peninsula (Greece)

Take advantage of the advantageous offer from GrisInvest - get a stable passive income from renting out real estate.


Luxury accommodation in Halkidiki - villas on the Mediterranean coast are already waiting for you!

Villas in Halkidiki are a great option to provide yourself with a great holiday destination. Just think - you wake up in your own private home and go to the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, enjoying the magnificent views from the shore, breathing in the clean sea air and just enjoying life, while the service staff prepares breakfast for you and solves other household issues. All this will become a reality if you take advantage of the advantageous offer from GrisInvest - the site offers many different villas, and the price category of objects varies significantly (even with a relatively small amount, you can become the owner of a villa on the coast).


Alternatively, you can rent out your property for as long as you do not plan to come on vacation. This will allow you to make significant profits without putting any effort into it - the maintenance of the facility and the search for respectable clients will be taken over by the employees of GrisInvest.


Reasons to invest in luxury real estate in Halkidiki - why these investments will be the most profitable?

Now wealthy people, going on vacation, prefer to rent villas, since this is not only considered the height of prestige, but also the height of comfort, since it is impossible to get such pleasure in a hotel from the time spent on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea - so you don't have to worry about the fact that there will be no clients for rent. Your villa will not stand idle for a single day - the employees of GrisInvest will ensure the availability of conscientious clients. Moreover, villas on the islands are especially appreciated, although they cost a little cheaper than villas and private houses on the mainland of Greece.


In addition, a significant increase in prices for luxury real estate in Greece is expected in the near future - this will allow you to earn money on the sale of the object.

How else can Greece Invest help an investor?


The list of the most demanded additional services:

1. Full legal support of your transaction is provided - the firm assumes all bureaucratic difficulties. You, as a buyer, will only have to deposit funds and get your hands on the documents governing your ownership of the property;

2. If necessary, assistance can be provided in obtaining a mortgage loan for a property you like. This is very beneficial, since the interest rate in mortgage banks in Greece is much lower than in Russia. And you will be able to get this loan even without being a Greek resident - the government has adopted a number of amendments to the laws that make it possible to conduct this kind of financial transactions;

3. Full legal support of the transaction is provided - from start to finish, the process is under control.


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