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Found roperties

Your customized selection of properties in Greece

Take the quiz to find the best variant meeting your criteria and get a Buyer’s guide as a bonus!

Ensure yourself a premium vacation - buy a house in Halkidiki and enjoy the views of the Mediterranean Sea whenever you want!

Holidays in Greece will help you to recuperate after a hard year of work in the best possible way - save yourself the trouble of finding a suitable hotel room. For this, there is a cottage in Halkidiki - GrisInvest offers interesting options that are optimal in terms of price and quality.

Agree, buying a house in Greece and coming there any time you want is very convenient. In addition, it allows you to once again emphasize the high status of the owner of such real estate in society and indicate his success.

In addition, by purchasing a house in Greece, you are making an excellent investment, which will definitely bring you profit in the future, because every year the interest of domestic tourists in this amazing country, which has not only the value of a resort, but also an important historical significance, is growing.


The reasons why a townhouse in Halkidiki is the most profitable to buy. Special offers from GrisInvest

Buying real estate on the islands of Greece (in particular, on Halkidiki) is a profitable investment, since today the price per square meter in this country is the cheapest in all of Europe - despite the fact that Greece is a member of all European associations, which means a person who connects himself with this state can count on a number of privileges. In addition, due to the gradual recovery from the economic crisis, in Greece in the near future will begin to increase housing prices in Halkidiki and other administrative-territorial units. Thanks to the resale of real estate, you can also get a good income.

By the way, it is transactions with elite real estate, such as cottages, that bring the greatest income - this is due to the fact that when prices are unstable, fluctuations most of all affect exactly such objects.

Take advantage of the advantageous offer, and you will be able not only to receive income from resale, but also to rent out the cottage - this will provide a stable profit, for which you do not have to put any effort.


Additional services provided by Greece Invest

1. Drawing up an investment program on an individual basis, taking into account all the requirements of the client and his capabilities. This will allow you to get the maximum profit from the transactions you make. This tool will be especially interesting for professional investors and corporations;

2. Full legal support of the transaction from start to finish. The investor will not have to independently resolve any issues related to the preparation of documentation - this is the task of the Gris Invest lawyers;

3. Assistance in obtaining a mortgage loan. Greece Invest works closely with the leading financial institutions in Greece, and therefore, solving the issue of issuing a loan for the purchase of real estate will not cause any problems. Even if the client is not even a resident of this state - Greek law allows this option for lending.