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Do you want to receive guaranteed stable passive income? To do this, you need to buy an apartment in Halkidiki (Greece)!

No one will deny that the purchase of real estate is the most reliable option for investing money - it will never depreciate, because in any case, people will need to live somewhere, and square meters will never be superfluous. In addition, real estate is a highly liquid investment that can always be quickly converted into money. Investing in resort real estate in southern countries is doubly profitable, since you can get a stable income from it. That is why investors should pay attention to apartments in Greece (Halkidiki) - now the cost per square meter in this country is the lowest in Europe! The reasons for this phenomenon are on the surface - the outbreak of the global financial crisis has hit the economy of this state so badly that it still cannot recover from the damage. It is quite logical that this situation has led to a significant decrease in prices for apartments (especially for elite). But for the purchase of an apartment for the purpose of investing funds and the subsequent delivery of the object, these events contribute as well as possible, because Greece has not lost at all its attractiveness for tourists due to economic hardships. And in the near future, leading experts and analysts predict a significant increase in prices for Greek real estate, which is another plus in favor of investing in this property.

The most advantageous offers from GrisInvest for the sale of apartments in Greece

Depending on whether you want to buy an apartment in Halkidiki purely for yourself or in terms of investment, you will be offered appropriate options. That is, if the client wants to buy an apartment, where he will go to rest himself, and during the absence to rent it - this is one moment. It will be possible to consider the most budgetary options (if you need to maximize budget savings). Apartments in Halkidiki, which are subject to further resale, should be the most liquid objects, which will always be attended by many.
Pay attention to the fact that apartments in Greece are suitable even for small investments of money - nevertheless, the main flow of tourists vacationing in this country cannot boast of a high level of income and rent a villa for vacation. And renting an apartment is the best solution.

Additional services provided by Greece Invest specialists

When purchasing housing in Greece through Greece Invest, the client can count on help in solving the following issues:
  1. Registration of a mortgage loan. Greek legislation provides for the possibility of issuing a loan for the purchase of an apartment or some other object to persons who are not residents of this state;
  2. Drawing up an individual investment program, taking into account the capabilities and wishes of the client;
  3. Legal support of the transaction from start to finish;
  4. Assistance in further maintenance of the facility.

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