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What is the role of a lawyer in the real estate process?

The presence of a lawyer during the conclusion of a real estate purchase and sale deal is compulsory for the buyer if the sum of transaction €80.000. The lawyer is the guarantor of the legal clarity of the transaction. He should make sure that the seller is really the rightful owner of the property for sale and make sure that the property is not encumbered with anything (not mortgaged, etc.) and is free from claims. Next, the lawyer must determine whether there are legal building permits and whether the seller has paid all the property taxes due for the past and current years.

Yes, you can. At the same time, you should pay attention that he or she must be licensed to practice law in Greece.

Yes, you do. Our commission is 2% of the property value. It is paid only if the sale and purchase deal is concluded.

The execution of a sale and purchase agreement and the entire procedure of purchase legalizing in Greece, is possible upon a notarized power of attorney. One can use the following powers of attorney: 1) a power of attorney issued by a notary in Greece; 2) a power of attorney issued by the Greek consulate (at the place of residence); 3) a power of attorney issued by a notary at the place of residence, with an apostille, and official translation into Greek (translation is performed by an official translation agency in Greece).

Yes, it is. The degree of kinship does not matter. The number of co-owners is not limited as well.

Yes, it is. Nonetheless, this procedure requires a special permit. If you face a need for selling a real estate object, and one of its owners is the minor child, you will also need special permission from the court to hold the procedure.

The best solution to pay your electricity bill is to have it automatically debited from your bank account in Greece. This service is available free of charge at any Greek bank. Pay attention that this service is currently not available for paying water bills. Thus, you can pay the bills for water by yourself or request Greece Invest after-sales department to do that for you. The water bills usually come 1-2 times a year, depending on the region.

For long-term rentals, you can expect on average 5% per annum, depending on the property. In short term, it will amount about 5-8%. To increase the profitability of investment, you should consult our specialist.

In Greece, as a rule, the price of primary real estate includes: decoration, kitchen set without electrical appliances, plumbing, built-in wardrobe in the bedroom, heating and alarm system connections.

If you are purchasing real estate during the construction phase, you can choose the finishing materials to your liking. If the cost of the materials you have chosen exceeds the cost planned by the developer, you simply pay the difference.

In the cost of the real estate property, the tenant builders do not include:

  1. > A boiler for water heating. On average, a boiler costs €150-300, depending on the model and tank volume.
  2. Water and electricity meters and connection costs should be paid by the property buyer to proper bodies. Usually, the costs vary from €700 to €1.500, depending on the region and the area of the property.
  3. In resort areas, the heating system is usually not included in the price and should be installed at the request of the property buyer at an extra cost. On average, it will cost you €3.000. Nonetheless, all the necessary piping around the house will be done by the builder in any case.

Yes, we do. To do that, have a dedicated after-sales service department that assists our clients with all aspects of living in Greece: space planning, purchasing of furniture, installation of additional equipment, repair activity, accounting services, utility bills payment, etc.

You can if you have a residence permit in Greece. If you do not have a residence permit, you can use the long-term rental service. As our calculations show, purchasing a car is beneficial if you live in Greece for more than 3 months a year.

Greece has an international standard for the calculation of the total area – it is calculated by the EXTERNAL perimeter of the real estate object (house, apartment, townhouse). In Greece, the property OWNERSHIP is considered a cornerstone parameter, i.e. the outer perimeter of the object, including the walls. 100% – external walls and 50% – adjacent to the neighbors, of common use (stairs, elevator, etc.).

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