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Why has it become very profitable to buy villas in Crete (Greece)?

Now the situation in this country is such that real estate prices have dropped significantly, which was facilitated by the outbreak of the financial crisis, but those who want to become the owners of the villa, these events are just the same on hand - there is an opportunity to buy a villa at a cheaper price in this amazing country, after which it will be rent. Greek resorts have always enjoyed great interest among our compatriots, so there is no reason to doubt that there are no people willing to rent your property at a decent price. Moreover, in a few years, a significant increase in house prices in this country is expected, so it will be possible to make good money on selling it.

Buying a villa is very profitable precisely for reasons of further renting, since many tourists prefer to rest in a rented villa, and not in a hotel, even if it is of high comfort. The thing is that in a detached mansion you can feel complete freedom, forgetting about all the problems and worries - do whatever you want without adhering to the rules of behavior and routine. No one will bother you to enjoy a great vacation and admire the stunning southern landscapes, as well as organize your leisure time as you wish.

Interesting offers to buy a villa in Crete. The best prices

Buying a villa on the island of Crete is also very profitable in terms of investment, since it is this type of real estate that is most in demand (in other words, it has increased liquidity). In the event that you want to make money on the resale of your investment in the future, this is the best option, since a buyer can be found the easiest way.

And the price is very interesting - the pricing policy that applies to real estate in Crete is distinguished by its loyalty, since the cost per square meter there is an order of magnitude lower than in the island part of Greece, although not in terms of infrastructure, nor in terms of the beauty of the surroundings and availability historical monuments, this magnificent island is no worse than other areas.

Additional services

Greece Invest will assist you in acquiring exactly the property that meets all your expectations. Interested in villas in Crete? You will be offered several options, and all of them will be beneficial in terms of investment. Looking for more budget accommodation in Crete? Thanks to the efforts of Greece Invest employees, the villa can be purchased at a price of 36 thousand euros! In addition, full legal support of the transaction is carried out at all stages, its safety is guaranteed. In addition, in the event that a new owner, who has decided to buy real estate in Crete, wants to receive income through its lease, the company's specialists will help find reliable clients.

Do you want to buy property in Greece on the island of Crete or in another administrative-territorial unit of this country? You can ask any questions, the Greece Invest staff will be happy to explain everything to you.