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Your customized selection of properties in Greece

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What is so special about real estate in Crete?

Housing in Crete has always been in great demand, both among investors intending to invest in real estate in the resort area of Greece, and among ordinary buyers interested in purchasing housing on the sunny Balkan Peninsula.

Moreover, taking into account the recent political events that influenced the collapse of the Greek economy, real estate by the sea has become much cheaper, which undoubtedly attracts those who want to buy housing abroad.

As for climatic conditions, buying real estate on a Greek island will allow you to enjoy the warm sea, consistently high air temperatures and comfortable climatic conditions for almost a whole year.

In view of the above, Greece Invest opens up the Greek real estate market to domestic clients by offering ready-to-move townhouses in Crete at attractive prices.


What determines the cost of housing in Crete?

Intending to buy a house in Crete, using the options of "Gris Invest", you should first familiarize yourself with the list of factors that influence the value of real estate. Among them:

  • useful area of a cottage or townhouse
  • distance from the nearest airport
  • distance from the sea
  • distance from the nearest town
  • planning and furnishing of living quarters with furniture.

Greece Invest specialists are able to select the best offer, guided by the above criteria and the customer's personal preferences. The company's catalog is presented by dozens of objects, ranging from practical and inexpensive, up to luxury residences, the cost of which is calculated in hundreds of thousands of euros.

The reason for such a wide range of offers is the monopoly of the Greek real estate market, due to which the previous owners of real estate cooperate directly with Greece Invest agents.

Additional suggestions.

In addition to the opportunity to buy a house, Greece Invest offers the client a list of additional services focused on the individual difficulties faced by clients during the purchase and sale process. Their number is presented:

  • organization of site visits
  • legal support of the transaction by our specialists
  • assistance in obtaining Greek insurance
  • free consultations on all issues of purchasing real estate in Greece.

Moreover, our specialists are capable of servicing cottages in Crete, guaranteeing not only the safety of the site, but also its maintenance in proper appearance.