in Moscow: 8 (495) 651 61 75
Petersburg: 8 (812) 309 05 45
in Kiev: (044) 393 42 40

Office in Thessaloniki:

Greece, Thessaloniki
st. I. Polemi 37, 54248
Mob .: +30 6978 181 319 (Viber, WhatsApp)
Tel.: +30 2311 11 11 77

Athens office

7, Koundouriotou str., 17122,
N. Smyrni, Athens, Greece
Tel .: +30 (210) 941-97-57
Fax:+30 (210) 942-08-95

Crete office

Greece, Heraklion, 71500
Tel .: +30 (281) 810 33 20

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Your customized selection of properties in Greece

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Buying an apartment in Crete with Greece Invest is a reliable investment of your funds

Investing in real estate has always been, is and will be the most reliable investment, which not only guarantees the safety of money, but also provides an opportunity to receive passive income. It is no secret that the most significant income comes from the rental of resort properties, and Greece Invest offers you a unique opportunity to earn passively throughout the year. As soon as you buy an apartment in Crete, and every month you will receive a stable profit without spending any resources - you can entrust the search for clients and all other technical aspects to the management company!

Greece Invest specialists will do everything in the best possible way, you can rest assured that this organization specializes in investment projects and work with resort real estate in Greece. The purchase of an apartment (apartments) in Greece is the most optimal investment, since the largest number of transactions is made with these real estate objects. Conclusion - you can make good money not only on renting out real estate, but also on its subsequent resale. Please note that Greece Invest offers only the most profitable options, the cost of which is even slightly below market value.

Favorable prices for apartments in Crete - have time to take advantage of the advantageous offer

This country is in greatest demand among Russian tourists, and this phenomenon is quite understandable - a loyal pricing policy (holidays in Greece are now even cheaper than in Sochi) together with the highest level of infrastructure is a significant advantage that attracts tourists.

You can even buy an apartment in this country for yourself - you must admit that it would be very nice to be able to go to the resort at any time without worrying about booking a hotel room and observing various formalities.

There is another important reason to buy an apartment in Crete - the cost of residential and commercial real estate on the island is slightly lower than on the island part, but at the same time the infrastructure and splendor of the opening landscapes are in no way inferior. Accordingly, the cost of recreation is also the same, which means that the income received from the rental of real estate is not affected in any way. Moreover, given the particular historical and cultural significance of this island, the influx of tourists there is often higher than even in Athens!

Additional services of Greece Invest

1. Full legal support. Understanding perfectly well what a person is going through when buying a house in Greece (in a country where he simply does not know the legislation), Greece Invest specialists take responsibility for the security of the transaction;

2. Organization of shows and presentations of the properties you like;

3. Drawing up an individual investment program, taking into account the possibilities, requirements of the client and the availability of particularly advantageous offers on the market;

4. Assistance in renting the purchased apartment.