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general information

Rest can be different: by the sea or in the mountains, beach or active, in a large company or alone, with children or a soul mate. Here everyone decides for himself. And one thing unites all types of recreation - the ability to forget about problems, relax and not think about anything. That's why he and rest!
It would seem, what could be easier? But any trip, especially abroad, is associated with many related tasks: booking tickets and hotels, taxi from the airport and back, renting a car or yacht, organizing leisure activities for yourself and children, etc. Theoretically, in our age of the Internet, you can solve these problems yourself by contacting a travel agency, a car rental company, a yacht rental company, excursion services and much more. But it is much easier to find specialists who provide a complex of services under the mysterious name "concierge".
What is concierge service ? If to simplify greatly, then this is the solution of any questions and problems related to your vacation, by a team of professionals. Concierge services are varied and include not only travel arrangements and hotel accommodation, but also leisure, entertainment, various events, guides, photographers, translators and many more useful and sometimes necessary services.

Travel organization

  • Flight booking

  • Hotel room reservation

  • Transfer from the airport and back

The best holiday in Greece starts with a well-planned trip. The trip will not seem tedious if it is organized in such a way as to shorten waiting hours and use travel time efficiently.
Greece Invest specialists will book tickets to the airport closest to your destination. The driver will meet you at the exit from the arrivals hall with a nameplate and take you to the pre-booked hotel in a comfortable car. If necessary, he will also assist you with your check-in at the hotel. Drivers keep track of all flights, so even if you arrive late, the car will be waiting for you.
You can book your return trip immediately. In this case, the car will pick you up in advance and take you to the airport 1.5-2 hours before departure. You will be informed in advance of the departure time: the duration of the journey is calculated taking into account the quality of roads and possible traffic, which means that you will definitely not be late for your flight.

Rental services

  • Villa rent
  • Yacht charter
  • Rent a Car

Everything is beautiful in Greece: the mainland and the numerous islands, and each region has its own unique charm. It's impossible to see all of Greece in one trip - but that doesn't mean you can't try!
By renting a car, you can explore the hidden corners of your chosen region, sunbathe on beaches far from tourist centers and visit the most interesting sights.
Yachting routes are bays with crystal clear water, which cannot be reached by land, small uninhabited islets, fishing and swimming in the open sea.
Well, by renting a villa by the sea, you will have your own piece of Greece at your disposal. This can be a cottage with beach access, a maisonette in a complex on a hill with panoramic views, or a villa with a well-kept garden and pool. Here everything is decided by your personal taste.

Excursion service

  • Group excursions
  • Individual tours
  • Pilgrimage

In a country like Greece, vacation would be incomplete without sightseeing. The centuries-old history, numerous architectural monuments and natural beauty of this country deserve a little of your time and attention. And it doesn't matter how many times you have already been to Greece - because it never ceases to amaze.
Accompanied by professional guides, you will visit the most interesting places and sights, learn a lot of interesting things and take a lot of colorful photos. Tours are conducted both in group and in individual formats. In the latter case, you can plan your route yourself, or express your wishes regarding the format of the tour. For example, for young travelers, the guide diversifies the excursion program with myths and legends of ancient Greece, and gourmet routes can be organized taking into account your culinary preferences.
Pilgrimage in Greece with a Russian-speaking guide is a separate direction, primarily due to the unity of religion: the Greeks, like us, profess Orthodoxy. The country has a lot of temples, monasteries and shrines that are definitely worth a visit. And of course, the pearls of Greece are the world-famous Meteor monasteries and the unique monastic republic of Athos, which are annually visited by thousands of pilgrims from all over the world.

beauty and health

  • SPA and thermal springs
  • Stylist services
  • Shopping and fur tours

Even while on vacation, it is impossible to relax enough to forget about beauty. Moreover, all conditions have been created in Greece to maintain it.
There are hundreds of thermal springs scattered all over the country, where you can relax and rejuvenate with pleasure. The most famous of them are Loutraki near Athens, Loutra Pozar near the city of Aridea, Kaiafas in the Peloponnese, Edipsos on the island. Euboea and Agia Paraskevi in Halkidiki. However, there are many more thermal resorts in the country, and they all combine not only pleasure and health benefits, but also natural beauty. After all, it is much more pleasant to heal surrounded by magnificent Greek landscapes.
Are you interested in shopping? At your service is a professional stylist who will show you the best stores, tell you about the latest trends and fashion trends and advise what to choose from a variety of clothes, shoes and accessories. And if you decide to buy a fur coat, you should go to the fur capital of Europe - Kastoria. It is unlikely that you will be able to find another place where such a variety of models is presented at the best prices.

Children's concierge

  • Rest in the children's camp
  • Parks and entertainment centers
  • Organization of children's parties

Holidays in Greece with children can be a real holiday for them if children's leisure time is organized correctly. The entertainment infrastructure is developed in all tourist regions of the country, and therefore the only task will be to choose from a variety of options.
There are amusement parks, aqua and zoos, entertainment centers, playgrounds and cafes for young guests. The latter organize holidays and celebrations for kids according to pre-prepared or suggested scenarios.
And in Greece there are many sanatoriums where your children can have a great time in the company of their peers. In many of them, the staff speaks English and Russian. Choosing a camp, booking a trip and delivering the child to the place of rest are tasks that our specialists can easily cope with.

Professional support

  • Translation services
  • Photographers Service
  • Security services

Once in a foreign country, we are often faced with pressing questions - the language barrier creates difficulties in finding specialists to solve certain problems. Therefore, one of the areas of concierge is the search and provision of services of such specialists.
While on vacation or living in Greece permanently, you can at any time use the services of a professional translator or order an experienced photographer. And if you have purchased a property in Greece, we will help you find a security agency that will provide your home with reliable protection.

Other services

  • Organization of events
  • Restaurant table reservation
  • Home call

Organizing a business meeting, corporate party, festive celebration, banquet or just a friendly party even in your own country is not an easy task. It is better to entrust the organization of such events to professionals abroad. The list of services includes the choice of a suitable institution, organization of lunch, selection of drinks, business or holiday program, compilation of a playlist, services of professional musicians and a photographer.
Greece is a country where bars, restaurants and taverns have become an art. Institutions are located here at every step, and it can be difficult to choose from this variety. However, you can always order the service of choosing a suitable restaurant and booking a table. It only takes a few minutes, after which you don't have to wait for a free table, and the local cuisine will definitely not disappoint you.
Finally, the ability to call a doctor is a service that you rarely think about when you go to rest. But in case this nevertheless arises, it is better to always have the right contact at hand. Therefore, house calls in Greece are an important, although, fortunately, rarely requested concierge service.