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general information

Transportation services have traditionally been among the most frequently requested concierge services, especially when traveling abroad. This is understandable: the need for a means of transportation arises immediately upon arrival, and the air flight itself is nothing more than a transport service.
However, this category includes not only tickets and transportation services. Booking a taxi, renting a car, buying and servicing a vehicle in a foreign country - all these are special cases of a wide range of transport services.

Booking tickets

  • Flights
  • Train tickets
  • Bus service
  • Ferry service

In the modern world, each of us can order a ticket via the Internet on the page of the company of interest, or using an aggregator site. But this is only if the necessary information is presented in the native language, and the journey itself implies moving from point A to point B. When planning complex routes, it is not so easy to calculate a trip from start to finish: there may be overlaps with the schedule, too long periods expectations, the likelihood of making a mistake with the departure time, etc. The situation is even more complicated when it comes to planning a route in a foreign country using air, land or water transport.
In Greece, due to its geographic features, travel is not always limited to simply booking air tickets. The country has 15 international airports, which is significantly less than the number of islands and resorts. Most often, it is necessary to get from the airport to the final destination by land and / or water routes. Transport in Greece is diverse: each region has its own domestic airports, ports, railway and bus stations. In the summer, the schedule is quite tight, but if the route is complex and includes more than 1-2 changes, it can be quite difficult to plan a trip.
Greece Invest 's booking specialists will plan for you an individual itinerary that is optimal in terms of time and financial costs, as well as book tickets for plane, train, bus or ferry. At the exit you will receive a ready-made travel program indicating the place and time of departure, instructions on how to get to the place, and recommendations regarding the time of departure and arrival.

Transportation services

  • Taxi
  • Transfer

What is the difference between a transfer and a taxi? This is a topic for a separate article, but if described in general terms, then the transfer can be booked any time before the intended trip, its price is calculated in advance and will not change after booking confirmation, the driver will meet you with a sign in the airport arrival hall, help with luggage, and if necessary - and with check-in at the hotel. In addition, when making a reservation, you can select the vehicle class and order additional services, such as a child seat or a booster.
Taxis are usually booked immediately upon arrival, or a short time before the expected arrival date - usually a day before. Guessing the class and make of the car in advance is unlikely to work, as well as the estimated cost of the trip. But a taxi is available at any time, while a transfer must be booked at least 24 hours in advance. In addition, Greece provides for a separate type of license for such a service as transfers. This means that for moving around the city and over short distances, the transfer is not suitable - in this case, it is better to use a taxi service.
Greece Invest offers transportation services throughout Greece. You can order a transfer or call a taxi at any time by contacting a support specialist.

Vehicle rental

  • Car
  • Helicopter
  • Aircraft

The best way to avoid route planning problems without resorting to the services of carriers is to rent a car in Greece. In this case, you will be able to manage your time yourself and visit any part of the country, visit the most beautiful beaches and see popular attractions without being tied to the public transport schedule.

The car can be rented in advance with the help of a Greece Invest support specialist. You can choose the class or model of the vehicle you are interested in, the location convenient for you, where you would like to pick up the car, as well as order additional services such as a child seat, navigator, etc. Upon arrival, the car will wait for you at the specified address. The process of paperwork will not take much time; a specialist will give you a vehicle and answer all your questions. At the end of the rental period, you can return the car at the airport or at another pre-agreed place.
In addition to a car, you can also rent a helicopter or plane with a crew on board. This service belongs to the category of luxury services that are available upon prior request. You can arrange it by sending a message through the contact form or by contacting a specialist at one of the specified contacts .

Purchase and maintenance of a vehicle

  • Car
  • Yacht

Perhaps the most radical way to solve the transport issue in Greece is to purchase a car or yacht. This option, of course, is suitable for those who often visit the country, either own real estate here or are just going to purchase it.
An experienced lawyer can be entrusted with the purchase process and paperwork. Subsequently, you can transfer the vehicle to the management of Greece Invest specialists. We will take care of the regular technical inspection, insurance, payment of necessary payments, and also monitor the technical condition of your transport. And on each subsequent visit to Greece, you can be sure that your car or yacht is waiting for its owner in readiness mode.